Does on/off-boarding look like a goat rodeo? How can we simplify the process?

HR, IT and Facilities are involved with any on/off boarding process and yet these three groups tend to work so independently that much of the process is managed in emails or through multiple systems. Any HR or IT manager who has faced this challenge knows that with onboarding new employees, there are many different workflows and overseeing a cumbersome offboarding process can entail some major security risks. This is why we recommend a single platform approach.
Imagine that HR, Facilities and IT are on one platform – this could extend even further to residential life & media services too. With a single platform, a simple request such as “onboard Sally” can start with the hiring manager or HR person assigned and then the ‘ticket’ can initiate workflow in multiple directions yet all managed from a single point with global visibility. Procurement can be notified, IT to secure equipment, facilities to secure space, security for badging. All of this is visible on one ticket.
The problem often starts in IT when a request is entered to create accounts, assign permissions and licenses from both HR and hiring managers; IT must then scramble to complete these tasks and a frustrated end-user will sit waiting for access for days, and sometimes weeks. Often there is a major lag in time. Approvals are often stuck along the way and nobody knows where the ‘ticket’ sits. This can all be avoided if HR has a proper tool to manage the workflow and track the status. Automatic tracking and escalation can assist HR in knowing where certain actions are and all of this is very visible on a centralized dashboard for IT executives.
You only get one chance to make a first impression – what does your onboarding really look like & how can we help you?
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