Why Marketing Is Interruption-Driven and How to Stop the Madness

Marketers take on a lot – and most of it is through email and desperately managed in spreadsheets. This interruption-driven day does not need to exist. Marketing has made great strides in automation around behavioral scoring, digital analytics and more. But the truth is that behind the scenes there still exists a fair amount of mayhem. Imagine instead that the same project management tools that are used for IT projects were rolled out to marketing. Imagine that events could have specific tasks, dependencies, and due dates – with expense tracking! Imagine that instead of getting 35 emails asking for assets you could instead create a proper project intake process and cycle? Imagine then that all assets – brochures, testimonials, and more – were available on a single portal.
This is a reality for many that have endeavored to implement service & project management platforms. One platform for serving up assets, managing event inventory, tracking projects – whether that is for content development, events or even refreshing of web copy. Recruiters and salespeople can access the assets and send requests that become trackable.
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Thursday January 01, 1970