5 benefits of free online tests for class 12 cbse

Preparation for exam is not complete until you know how well you’re prepared for it. Many students do not fail in preparing for exams. Where they mostly fail is assessing how much they’re prepared and how much they’re not! This assessment forms the basis of future preparation and revision which makes it one of the most important part of examination preparation time. Taking up free online tests for class 12 cbse can be extremely helpful in this regard. We’ll tell you top 5 benefits of taking up free online tests! Read on!
1) Online tests helps you in assessing where you stand
Imagine you wrote the examination and come out of the hall thinking, “But I had learnt it…. But I thought I knew the concept enough… May be I missed out in learning or practicing the application problems” It’s a terrible feeling right? The fact is you’ll never know how much you are prepared for an exam unless you take up some mock tests and check where you stand. That’s exactly why online tests are for! At Dronstudy, we have free online tests for CBSE class 12 students on all subjects which’ll help you in assessing where you stand.
2) Gives you an idea about your strengths and weaknesses
While you’re solving the free online tests, you’ll get a fair idea of which topics you’re strong at and which ones you aren’t. This is enough for you to plan the leftover days’ timetable by allocating more time to the areas that you know you are weak at. The strength areas can be polished more (So that you can score full marks in this section) and the weakness area can be worked upon!
3) Helps in fighting exam blues
Online free tests has time constraints and it’s not very different from the real examination atmosphere. This way, you’ll get accustomed to the exam atmosphere and environment making it all the more easy for you to handle or even combat the exam blues during exams! You getting used to it gives you an edge!
4) Time management during exam can be learnt
Taking up online tests gives you a fair idea on how much your speed is, which are the areas where you need to write or solve faster and which are the areas that take less time and how much time you’re taking to recheck the answers written. This idea helps you immensely in your examination hall and you’ll be able to complete all the questions on time!
5) You are familiarized with the examination pattern
Online tests are the best medium to get familiarized with the examination pattern. Since you know the pattern, you can expect what type of questions are going to come up and thus nothing comes off as a shock or surprise. Thus making you very proactive towards it!
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