7 Benefits Of E-learning For Students

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology” – Godfrey Reggio

Thursday January 01, 1970

With great satisfaction and a bit of sting, I agree with Mr. Reggio. The impact of better technology in our modern lives cannot be measured. Thinking what all has changed since 60’s, we’ve replaced Polaroid Cameras with DSLR’s, VHS Cassettes with Players/USB’s, Landline big-wired telephones with our fragile & slim cell phones, and now it seems like e-learning is the future in making. With even our Prime-Minister promoting digital India at so many social meetups, e-learning is approximated to be one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in our country.
If done currently, e-learning offers numerous benefits as compared to Instructor-Led Training (ILT), summing up the top 7 advantages, we have…
1- Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Thursday January 01, 1970

Image Source: The Indian Express
Each student is unique and has his/her own way of learning. Some like to study after school hours, in the afternoon and some like to study later in the evening before their bedtime. Some after playtime or some before dinner.
With different time preference and pace of learning, e-learning benefits as per everyone’s personal needs, whether it’s learning during weekends or right before semester exams.
Further, whenever the learner has a free time in between classes, or play-time, e-learning gives a real-time access to make productive use of those situations. In fact whether you are on a holiday or Mama/Nani’s house, you can learn anytime, to also convince them about your studious nature
In live learning, due to the restriction in place, the student is left dependent only on his memory and supported notes that he/she creates to refer later to revise the lesson.
2- Consistent in Quality, Delivery and Clarity

Thursday January 01, 1970

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Consistency is a tell-tale sign of quality. In live classrooms where the teacher is teaching at a go for an hour, it becomes quite difficult to catch up to various factors like subject matter expertise, the tutor’s mood and ever-changing personalities. With e-learning videos which are specifically targeted to maintain the same standard of delivering lectures, that problem is worked upon well.
So whether it is a complex topic such as Newton’s law of motions or Calculus or Trigonometry, a standardized method helps in clarifying the basic very easily.
3- Learn From The Best Tutors From Around The World!

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E-learning collects an expert’s teaching without the influence of the place he/she belongs to. For an example- If a student sitting in Nebraska wants to learn a skill/set of lessons that are being taught only in India, it is possible today because of internet & e-learning. That makes it possible for you to earn in global standards as well, with groups gathered around a table or learning alone leaning on your bed.
4- Content Can Be Accessed N Number Of Times

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During ILT (Instructor Led Training) or classroom training, there is a limitation of time. Due to that limitations, the students are given no freedom to take pauses and understand their learning or connect it to real life, which is also one of the reasons many only rote-learn.
Example: Karan took 10 readings to understand complex topics like integration/rotational motion/gun and bullet problem and that was possible because he got a chance to play the video again and again!=
E-learning gives complete freedom to take those necessary pauses between learning lessons and also watching as many times as it is required.
5- Asking Questions Without Any Fear-

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While learning in a traditional classroom, many students feel intimidated before asking any doubts or questions. The same fear or peer pressure also doesn’t let them learn a lesson completely.
If you are like most students who feel nervous while asking questions or you know for sure the teacher teaching will not answer that without commenting on you, eLearning is a perfect forum for you to get all your questions answered without any judgment. And not to forget, you can also rewind, pause, relearn and post doubts on forums for solving your queries.
6- Reduced Costs

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We pay a huge amount of money & time for our schooling and college, which doesn’t even guarantee a job at the end. With eLearning, you not only decrease that amount of travel, material & logistics, that is involved in traditional schools, but you also give yourself the freedom to fail, which itself is a teacher right?
Elearning gives a learner a choice to explore versatile majors without getting scared by the cost involvement due to the change in subjects.
So, if you trying to get rid of those expensive tuitions and invest that money rather in some enjoyment, opt for an eLearning option today! Additionally, no extra efforts for those Sunday practice tests, all while acing the exams with flying colours.
7- Quick Delivery and Updated Data Every Time

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Once you order a course, e-learning takes care of the availability of the material instantly, with no actual waiting for the summer or winter season course to start.
So, learners start quickly, give real-time feedback and the updated material is also made available as per their specific need.
And lastly here comes this big fat additional benefit of e-learning and that is not only to you my dear students, but also to your loved ones and to this lovely mother nature which is,
Protecting The Environment
As per a study, 50000 pages would mean chopping of nearly 100 trees.
As e-learning is a paperless way of learning, it protects the environment & promotes an eco-friendly way of learning. Not just that, the distance learning program consume 90% less power compared to traditional colleges and schools, wasting many of our resources.
Breaking the myth that electricity is a must to watch e-learning videos, it is quite possible to save it offline and watch it whenever you want.
Each day and under every sector the technology changes fast. Finding a low-priced way of learning for ourselves other than schools and also improving our skills becomes extremely important. Following the same, the best method is to purchase a e-learning course and give some competition to those class toppers.
The Internet is suppose to be the most powerful tool in the world and currently, only 27% of the Indian population have their hands on it! Imagine 15 years from now, when that figure increases, how much can e-learning benefit the beginners!
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