Why Dronstudy Is Helpful For CBSE Students!


Elearning is growing without bending!

Thursday January 01, 1970

If you check the number of courses available on coursera, udemy or any other online learning platform, it can give your head a total 360 degree spin.
As the number of courses available for learning a skill or perfecting your academics is rising, it becomes more and more overwhelming for students to choose the best one, apart from the good ones! That’s where Dronstudy falls in, always trying to give a genuine experience of learning to each student. 
From another angle, the various benefits students associate eLearning with are:

Thursday January 01, 1970

The lower cost involved in learning by large groups of people
The suitable personal pace of learning
The freedom to rewatch numerous times

Thursday January 01, 1970

We at Dronstudy are in the constant practice of accommodating our student’s need as the chief priority. Not just that, we have designed a base structure to maximize a student’s academic marks & potential!
1. Expert’s Insight

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The tutor behind our online lessons has an experience of more than 25 years, in some top institutes of India like Bansal Classes, Radiant Classes and some more.
They ensure to create content that benefits the students and their understanding as fast so the students can showcase early improvements.
2. AI & Tech(Artificial Creative Elements)

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Understanding a student’s need and offering material as per that is one of the perks of Dronstudy. Our system is designed to analyse the data received through various mediums like Facebook, Youtube and Blog, and further give solutions that tap in the maximum potential of our students.
3. Personalized Content for Every Student’s Need

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No two students are the same or learn in the same way. With a difference in the way they grasp lessons, it is also essential to understand their pace of learning and instructional approach.
In addition, Dronstudy offers content that is meaningful and relevant to learners, driven by their interests and often self-initiated.
4. Well Researched Method of Teaching A Topic

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For a flying start in understanding a topic, it is important that the method is well-tested and well-researched. More than 2 decades of experience should say a lot here!
As our method of teaching a topic is gained by receiving multiple feedback from students, they give an added benefits in our lessons.
5. Aimed At Building Strong Basics
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It is important to understand the basics that make up the house of learning. Without the proper base, how much can a student rote-learn?
The information that is available at our disposal these days is way more than the brain can process without understanding. Additionally, Strong basics are like the framework of a building, the stronger it is, the easier it is to lay another floor on it!
6. Designed To Minimize Doubts

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There is an approach to explaining where the students get minimum doubts and that’s the approach we follow at Dronstudy. So our students don’t bang their heads after trying to understand multiple times.
7. Approachable

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Dronstudy provides an exclusive set of individual especially in place to clarify any students doubt as soon as possible. For us, it’s not like we provide the content and disappear into the oblivion, we are approachable throughout the learning of our students.
8. 2-way Communication Channel

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If Students are encouraged to provide feedback, it also gives a chance to make the content better. We don’t believe that a teacher should know everything from knowing the basics to every teaching element, we believe in growth. Hence, for that progress of the students as well as ours, we provide a 2-way communication channel.
9. Better Content Every Single Time

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We provide the best content to make it easy for our students to understand, and we can vouch for that. Though, that doesn’t mean there is no scope for improvement. We see improvement as a wide scope and provide with “after-best than before-best” content every single time.
10. Improved Results

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The end result of true learning is directly proportional to the improvement that the student demonstrates. This is not only important for students & parents but also to e-learning companies like ours to make improvements if required and to also get a true feedback of our material.
Lucky for us, we have been boosted and acknowledged by many students for their changed better-result and we couldn’t have been happier!
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