(Updated) It’s easier than ever to initiate “self-sends” in one45

Programs using DOPS, Mini-CEX, Field Notes, Daily Cards or other workplace-based assessments in their practice are going to love this update. We’ve made a number of changes to our “self-send” tools that make it easier to launch new assessments, and select the correct person to evaluate.
Your learners and faculty can initiate a new assessment directly from their To Do page. When you are setting up an assessment, one45 guides you through choosing the relevant rotation or clerkship, and will suggest the person you’re most likely to assess or be assessed by. We’ve even included a small picture of the person you’re choosing to make sure you’re picking the right person.

Before you launch the new assessment we now give you a warning if the person you’re assessing, or being assessed by isn’t in the schedule to help avoid choosing the wrong rotation, dates, or person.

We’re pleased to be releasing these great new updates on our web-app today, and we are already working on bringing the same great features to our mobile app, which will make it even easier to initiate these assessments. For more information you can check out our updated support documentation
UPDATE Sept 29, 2016
Self-send workflows are now also available from the one45 mobile app.
This new release combines the power and flexibility of one45’s self-send workflows with the convenience and portability of the mobile app. If your learners are on the floor or in the clinic, they will no longer have to wait until they get back to the resident’s room or their computer to request feedback, and faculty can initiate feedback on the fly while they observe learners.
Faculty and learners should have no problem getting up to speed on the new mobile version of the self-sends workflow as the process is the same on the mobile app as it is on the web app – we even include small touches like suggesting people from the best guess list and showing pictures of the people you’re choosing to assess or have assess you.

For more information you can check out our updated support documentation.
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