Introducing Unify

Unify is a new data warehouse and dashboard system designed for medical education, built by one45 Software.
Most medical schools use a number of systems to track the performance of their programs and learners. Those systems don’t talk to each other so information ends up siloed in each system. All of the information captured in Excel spreadsheets makes it nearly impossible to get a complete picture of how your program or learners are performing.
Preparation for a committee meeting or a 1-1 with a student requires hours of work to track down the data you need, export the data from the system of record, and then transform the data into something you can analyze and share.
Unify uses a centralized data warehouse to consolidate the data scattered across your systems and spreadsheets. Data collected by Unify goes through a customizable transformation process to clean up inconsistencies between your source systems and documents.
Unify gives your teams a trusted data source. Our data warehouse powers our interactive reports and dashboards. Visualizing your data lets everyone from your student affairs office to your curriculum committee to make data-informed decisions in minutes.
When we started one45 we transformed how medical education programs thought about scheduling and student evaluations. Find out how we can transform your program by bringing all of your data together.
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