Announcing: curriculum gap and redundancy analysis reports

We are excited today to reveal a new reporting tool for curriculum administrators. The one45 gap and redundancy analysis report gives curriculum administrators greater insight into their curriculum by allowing them to see where competencies, instructional methods, assessment methods, (or anything else that can be captured in a mapping list) are covered in the curriculum.
Curriculum administrators can use the report to look for gaps in coverage as well as areas where particular topics are covered too much. With this report, you can see exactly which sessions and/or courses in your curriculum are associated with a particular assessment method, education method, or competency. You can also use the report to gauge whether topics are clustered together, or spread out in the curriculum.
To run this report, simply log into one45 and look for the new “Gap/Redundancy Analysis” report under Schedules > Curriculum > Print Views.
Give it a try today and let us know what you think!
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