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Lean-Agile tells us that Estimation itself is a waste

The Lean-Agile body of knowledge (BOK) has grown into a vast source of resources over the last two decades.
There are numerous thought leaders who have contributed to this.
However, in this maze of information.

It is hard for any Business Leader

who has been delivering software for the past several decades and not following the developments in the Lean-Agile space on a regular basis, to understand the “Why”, “What” and “How” behind this BOK.
Over the years.

A common misperception that has developed is that if you work in Sprints

put a Visual Board and do a retrospective, you are Agile.
Nothing can be further away from the reality… The Lean-Agile BOK questions many of the premises on which the traditional software industry has been based for decades.
For example,  Move from ‘project’ based thinking to ‘product’ based thinking Move from the difficult task of trying to balance the Triple constraints, that conventional Project Management taught us, to an approach where budget and time are frozen and we prioritize scope.
It makes Business Leaders wonder – “if we have been given a certain scope of work to be done by our customer, .

How can it be variable?” Move away from detailed Estimation

In fact, Lean-Agile tells us that Estimation itself is a waste.
To most, the logical question is – “If we do not estimate, how do we plan.
How do we know how many people do we need or how long will it take?”  There are many other such business fundamentals and assumptions that Business Leaders have worked with that are severely questioned when executing business in a Lean-Agile way.
Digité, based on its own experience and working with many of its customers, has planned a webinar series that will help Business Leaders understand how organizations can deliver Business Agility with Lean-Agile thinking and address specific concerns planning, execution and tracking.
We will cover a variety of such topics listed below:  Getting Requirements Right for Business Agility (Watch Now!) Estimation: Delivering Business Agility without Estimation – (This webinar will be held on Wednesday 12th Aug 2020, 7:30 AM PDT, Register Here!) Forecasting: Asking the right question for Business Agility Testing: A progressive approach for Business Agility Flow: The secret sauce for Business Agility Business Agility Anti-patterns  The post Business Agility Webinar series for Leadership appeared first on Digite.


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