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someone championing Jennifer’s Body

Double Feature podcast hosts Eric Thirteen and Michael Koester look at two films with a common theme every week, breaking down the themes and motifs in movies that haven’t received much of a critical eye.
This episode takes a second-look at films that were largely dismissed but have a dark secret hidden under the surface.
And hey look at that, someone championing Jennifer’s Body.
Jennifer’s Body was the all too quickly dismissed 2009 horror film marketed as a sexy YA peep show.
Ten years after its rocky release.

Double Feature looks at the fearsome power balance of three giants: director Karyn Kusama

writer Diablo Cody, and star Megan Fox.
The young-male audience marketing grab missed out on two excellent angles of the female: the more sincere female story and the clever send-up it gives to the very type of thought-trap film it was mis-marketed as.
Even weirder – did you know that a group of MySpacers once walked right into Megan Fox’s house when she wasn’t home and proceeded to dress up in her clothes.

And also then-Repo-star Paris Hilton’s home

That they went back again and again, just hanging out there with friends.
This group of thieves was called The Bling Ring and there’s Sofia Coppola A24 movie about them.
And you can watch it right now.
Not kidding.Listen to the latest episode of Double Feature podcast “Jennifer’s Body and The Bling Ring.” The post The Megan Fox episode of Double Feature Podcast: JENNIFER’S BODY and BLING RING appeared first on Tom Hollands Terror Time.


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