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Hammersky Vineyards is an awesome choice

Harvest Hosts is a unique RV membership program with a large network of available hosts

So far, 1214+ locations have opened their hearts and their homes and/or businesses to members of the Harvest Hosts RVing community.
Through this program, members receive free overnight accommodations in peaceful and serene places across North America.
In return, members must make a purchase to patronize the small business that hosts them.
Of these Hosts, Hammersky Vineyards is an awesome choice.
Here you can learn all about the vineyard’s history.

Its origins within the Harvest Hosts community

and what future visitors can expect to experience.

The History HammerSky Vineyards has a very rich estate history
The 50-acre property was established in 1904 by Frank F

Jantzen, .

A local Mennonite minister and teacher

The rolling hills on Paso Robles’ West Side were the perfect home for raising Jantzen’s large family.
For years they farmed grain, pears, plums, prunes, apricots, apples, nuts.

And tended to the family horses and cows.   Over 100 years later

the current owner, Doug, was interested in purchasing a winery.
Early one morning in 2007, Doug drove north from his home in Newport Beach to Paso Robles to look at several properties he had in mind to fulfill his dream of owning a vineyard.

It was there that he came across the property that would become Hammersky Vineyards

which he made a deal to purchase on the spot.
He then named the vineyard after his two sons, Hamilton and Skyler, and they began to restore the property.
In 2011, the tasting room opened, with just under 1,000 square feet of space, allowing for a relaxed and airy space for wine tasting.
Tall windows and glass doors emit natural light, while allowing sweeping views of the rolling sea of vines that border the lawn and café-style seating on the patio.
Many consider it to be the best picnic location in Paso Robles wine country.    The Business Today Located in the heart of westside Paso Robles on Vineyard Drive, HammerSky Vineyards has it all.

The ultra-modern tasting room offers award-winning Bordeaux centric wines

hospitality, and comfort for all who visit.
In addition to the tasting room, guests can tour the property, visit the gift shop or restaurant, hike, enjoy the outdoor patio, and even view wildlife, as there are two bald eagles living on the property.
They also host gatherings, rent out their farmhouse, and have a membership program.

Joining Harvest Hosts Hammersky Vineyards joined the Harvest Hosts program in May 2020

and they have already hosted many guests.
Their favorite part of hosting is meeting new wine lovers from all over the place.
Guests must keep in mind that their gates close from the outside at 5pm, but that they open from the inside at any time.
Currently they have four pet-friendly spaces for RVs under forty-four feet in length available.
You must book through a form on their website, .

Which is linked on their Harvest Hosts profile page

Hammersky Vineyards is an incredible location that truly exemplifies the Paso Robles wine country of California.
Be sure to check this one out next time you are in the area.

Have you ever visited Hammersky Vineyards

How was your experience.
Tell us all about it below.
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