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I think that if we want VGDL to evolve

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29 Jul.

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,                                                                                          Hello everyone, This is my talk in GECCO16 for our paper ““.
26 Jul.
Posted by                                              Categories , , ,                                                                                          Hello everyone, Ages since last post ???? on Thursday July 14th I gave a talk about my paper “” with , , and  at IJCAI16.
Thanks to Aaron, he captured a video of my talk.
Here is it:                                                                                            7 May.
Posted by                                              Categories ,                                                                                             Hello everyone, I am Ahmed and this is Gabriella.

We are PhD students at the game innovation lab here at NYU
We are going to talk today about our game Super-W-Hack

is a roguelike game with retro aesthetics as a tribute to the roguelike genre.

Our game takes the procedural content generation (PCG) up to the next level

We use it to generate everything in the game.
Levels are procedurally generated, names, layouts, enemy distributions.
Player weapons: weapon pattern, names, sounds.
9 Oct.
Posted by                                              Categories ,                                                                                          Hello, This post is a presentation I did couple of weeks ago at.

It supposes to help people at the lab to understand VGDL and GVG-AI framework

I think that if we want VGDL to evolve, more people should know about it and use it.
This evolution won’t happen without showing to people the power of GVG-AI Framework and VGDL.
There is lots of development happening to improve the framework and language and making it more accessible to people (creating an Interactive Visual Editor with computer assist).
The following paragraphs are my slides with a description for each slide.

26 May                         Game Development BootCamp Talk

Posted by                                              Categories , , Match A Number,                                                                                          Hello Everyone, Sorry for being away still trying to get out of depression but at same time I made a talk for an event called Game Development BootCamp in Egypt in Alexandria (a city on the north coast) I went there with my game developers / designers friends and I enjoyed it because it was really good time to get away from everything and try to get out of depression it helped somehow but I keep going back and back to depression but don’t worry I am getting out from that.
Here a recorded video about the talk (The talk is in Arabic so I will post the slides with English explanation to everything in here as I done with A Maze talk)                                                          Read more                           18 Nov                         A Maze Johannesburg Festival 2013 Presentation.

Posted by                                              Categories A Maze

Game Design,                                                                                          Hey All, I know I should have posted that article long ago after I return back from Johannesburg, but the truth is I was busy finishing my games and also somehow lazy to post about my presentation I gave there which is called “be Different”.
That version I will be posting here contain more details than the one I presented at A Maze     Why do we play games.
In Egypt if you say that word some will tell you just wasting time although if you told them you can waste it by other activities like reading but they choose to play games cause it makes them happy or change their mood or take their attention or communicating with other people through multiplayer games or just seeking some challenge either via PC or via other Human All these stuff I said is experience ….
people play games to experience feelings and emotions    Games is a system of rules and interactions that we can use it to transfer a certain experience from game designers (most of the time) to players so it’s a medium or channel for transferring experience like all other mediums (e.g.
books, movies, music …etc).
For example “Aquaria” by Alec Holwaka it wants you to make you feel comfortable enjoy every second exploring the game seeing the result of every action So it transferred that experience using                                                          Read more.
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