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| About Us Discover Bentley Instruments

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About Us.
About Us                   Discover Bentley Instruments.
Our history and future.
Founded in 1982, Bentley  Instruments , Inc.
specializes in the  development , manufacturing and worldwide distribution of analytical instruments for milk and milk products.
Since the beginning, we have focused on developing solutions that set the standard for  reliability , precision and ease of use.

Bentley Instruments has always been on the leading edge

Our engineers pioneered the computer control philosophy for dairy product analysis equipment.
We combined standard computer  electronics  with robust instrument design to create laboratory instruments that both improved and simplified the testing process.
Additionally, .

Bentley Instruments was the first to offer flow cytometry for routine milk analysis

Our  innovations  have helped us secure a strong presence in the specialized market of milk and dairy product analysis.
We now export more than 70% of our products to areas outside the U.
S., and our market share is still growing.
In the years to come, we will continue to develop  cutting-edge  solutions for the dairy industry.

Our commitment to innovation is constant

Your needs come first.
Customer  satisfaction  is our first priority.
To ensure that our solutions meet your needs, we focus on five key points: Quality: Our instruments are engineered and constructed for years of reliable use in real-world  environment s.

Simplicity: Our instruments are easy to operate

with sample input and intuitive touch-screen interfaces.
Value:  Today  more than ever, cost is a serious consideration.

Our tools deliver exceptional value
Service: Our instruments are easy to service and troubleshoot
Support: We understand the critical role our instruments play at your organization

and how much you depend on their reliable operation.
If a challenge arises, we do what it takes to solve the issue quickly and get your process back on track.  Service Dedicated to Your Success.
As a company completely focused on the needs of the dairy industry, we understand the challenges of today’s laboratories and large dairies.
Bentley Instruments has a global reputation for delivering the highest level of customer service and support, focused on enhancing the operational efficiency that is absolutely critical to all of our customers.
For Bentley Instruments, service includes instrument reliability, support and local service:  Instrument Reliability:  Bentley Instruments is focused on engineering instruments that are easy to operate, and highly reliable.
Many of our instruments have been at work for over 20 years, and all are built with robust construction techniques that help them prove their value for years to come.

Technical Support:  At Bentley Instruments

technical inquiries from our customers are quickly handled by our engineers and product specialists.
Our mission is to keep you running 24/7 and help you utilize your investment and to maximize the efficiency of your laboratory.
In short we will do whatever it takes to quickly solve any technical inquiry.

Local Representatives:  With representatives all over the world

our local support staff is there to provide after the sale service you can rely on, on-site or remotely as the situation demands.
Contact us today.
Are you looking for ways to simplify milk and dairy analysis, and make the process more reliable.
Our technology can help.
Please Contact us to learn more and we will put you in contact with several of our existing customers so you can learn more about our level of service and support.

© 2020 Bentley Instruments  All rights reserved


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