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Adam and Josh at Adro Solutions were great to work with

Moving you forward with  technology .
Web  Application s.
Solutions  Architecture .
Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in the  information  technology field.
Lead  Consultant /Owner.
Adam has over 13 years of experience in multiple facets of the in formation  technology field, mostly in software development.
He uses his hardware, networking, and software  development  skills to breed creative, efficient solutions.
Senior  Consultant .

Josh has over 14 years of software development experience

He’s worked in a variety of organizations including  healthcare , organizational training, and manufacturing.
His breadth of  knowledge  is what makes him a valuable asset in tackling the most difficult problems.
Adam and Josh at Adro Solutions were great to work with.
I had been searching for help with an embedded ROI calculator for some time with little success, and after I contacted them the process was really quick and smooth.
They were professional, asked all the right questions and turned the project around in one week.
The calculator turned out great and we plan on using it within a campaign later this year.
We will absolutely be using their services again in the future, and would recommend them to anyone who asks.
Marketing Specialist – METTLER TOLEDO Vehicle SBU      I have nothing but positive things to say about you and your team.
Your work for us has been a very valuable addition to our college, and it was done expeditiously.
Database Administrator – Life Chiropractic College West      SQL Server has changed dramatically over the years.
We had an issue where our database requirements for a project just outgrew our traditional servers.

We reached out to Adam and his team for help and they recommended Azure DB

Not only did they recommend it but they coached us the whole way through.
Because of their advice, our speed literally increased 10x and our cost was cut in half.

I highly recommend Adro Solutions for any

NET assistance.
President – InfoStream Solutions      Big shout out to Adam Amrine for his excellent help in getting my YouTube issues untangled.
Thank you Adam!!.
You are great at staying calm, carrying on, and getting the job done!!.
Let’s Go Sew      Adam and Josh have provided me with expert help frequently in the past year and a half, as I bring a legacy software project into modern times.
I’m very grateful for their creative and efficient solutions whenever I’ve needed a completely new approach.
Whether it’s developing a key problem-solving module, or helping to debug a mystery, or providing tutorials on using new technology – they have been there there for me every time.
I so appreciate their reliability, responsiveness, and cheerful support.

Adro Solutions has my highest recommendation

Thanks very much Adam and Josh.
Owner – Micros & Macros, Providing global software services to Ford Motor Company.

As a member of the Ohio Information Technology Association

we’d like to make you aware of an upcoming free event around COVID-19 and tools to help stamp it out.
Below is a description, .

Along with a link to the event through Eventbrite

Understanding the Impacts and Implications of Contact Tracing Join the Ohio Information Technology.
We like to contribute some of our software development and IT knowledge when we can and sometimes that means doing a short write-up for an article.

Recently we were featured in an article on

They were looking for tips on web application security for their article to help businesses be more secure.
You can.
While you may not have heard from us recently, we’ve been working on a variety of projects behind the scenes.

One recent completion was for Martin Methodist College in Pulaski


They had been using the standard CAMS Enterprise application portal

but it just wasn’t doing everything they needed.
It uses classic ASP and is.
I was recently notified that I was quoted for an article on titled How to choose which IT conferences to attend. is targeted towards enterprise CIOs and other business technology executives

We were questions such as asked what factors we consider when deciding to go to an IT conferences, and whether or not.
The following changes have been implemented in version 1.7.3 of the eForms electronic forms and workflow software.

FIXED: When using a date field in the admin screen

the maximum and minimum date properties would not repopulate with the previously saved dates and therefore consider the form incomplete and unable to be saved as a draft.
The following changes have been implemented in version 1.7.2 of the eForms electronic forms and workflow software.
FIXED: Forms with checkbox fields were not showing as checked when a user viewed a submitted field.
This has been corrected.
eForms Software The eForms software was developed by Adro Solutions as a solution for creating electronic forms.
The following changes have been implemented in version 1.7.1 of the eForms electronic forms and workflow software.
FIXED: Users who were non admins were unable to View Workflow Path for available forms.
This has been corrected.
FIXED: Admins did not have the ability to delete parameters on the Details tab when creating forms.
The options.
I was recently notified that I was quoted for an article on titled 8 Best Technology Jobs for Business-Savvy Professionals.
Rasmussen College operates 22 college campuses across 6 different states, as well as having online courses.
One of the questions asked was “In your opinion, which technology careers would a business background be most.
We love helping clients in any way that we can.
Recently, we completely an integration for a client who needed to get their SumTotal course completion information to CE Broker.
The previous integration required database access to pull its data, .

Which was no longer possible due to changes made by SumTotal

To replace it, we.
The following changes have been implemented in version 1.7 of the eForms electronic forms and workflow software.
Updated AngularJS from 1.5.x to 1.6.x Updated.
NET from 4.5.2 to 4.7.1 Other ancillary package updates Updated form administration screen with additional instructions to remind users about the @SubmittedBy option that can be used with certain configurable options        For Your Next Project             Send Message.
developed by.


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