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Jaguar Land Rover sales have fallen 42% in the last quarter

Ferrari earnings have skidded because of supply chain and coronavirus pandemic issues.
Earnings fell 60% to £111,680,000 in Q2 but the full year sales are expected to dramatically pick up by spring 2021 and be at the lower end of their original forecast or about £30 Billion.
Fuel price rises recorded by the RAC this week will wipe out savings from cheaper insurance premiums as a result of the lockdown, says
Recent fuel price cuts are beginning to reverse as more vehicles take to the roads but further reductions are expected as we slip into autumn and demand again falls.
Jaguar Land Rover sales have fallen 42% in the last quarter.
It has booked a £412M loss for the three months and parent Tata said the car group’s outlook remains uncertain even after reviewing its model line up.
To celebrate its centenary, Mazda has created limited edition white and burgundy models commemorating the original Mazda R360 Coupe.

Autumn will see delivery of the Anniversary Special Edition Mazda3 from £29,995

the £31,695 CX-30 and £29,995 MX-5 and the £20,995 Mazda2 and £33,995 Mazda6.
The forthcoming Ford Transit PHEV will have geofencing technology which uses satnav to detect when it’s in a low emissions zone and automatically switch to electric power.
The system can even tell authorities its working to prevent fines being issued to registered keepers.
Mercedes-Benz Vans UK staff have raised more than £13,000 for Cancer Research UK with a series of personal achievements.
Normally the staff would pedal from Manchester to Blackpool but the lockdown curtailed their planning and they resorted to individual goals they could achieve.
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