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Tours can be in English and are highly recommended

Last Supper tickets in Milan are the most requested item for clients visiting the Northern Italy city.
Unfortunately, tickets are notoriously hard to come by.
It gets more difficult every year because so many large tour operators buy up huge blocks of tickets as soon as they go on-sale, leaving almost none for the general public to book on their own.
You’ll have the best luck if you book and plan far in advance.

This is the advice I give my clients for how to book tickets to the Last Supper

A FEW THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT VISITING THE LAST SUPPER As a general rule, tickets usually go on sale four to six weeks in advance, and are available for a two month period.
The website does tell you in advance when tickets go on sale for a certain time period, but since it varies, it’s best to check often, bookmark the date, .

Get up very early the day of (8am Italy time) and try to reserve immediately
The museum is closed on Mondays; and also on Italian holidays – Jan 1st

May 1st, Easter and Christmas.
The online calendar  clearly shows open and closing dates, and available dates for tickets.
Current ticket prices for U.S.
citizens are:  adults – €10 per person, plus a €2 advance booking fee those under 18 years old are free, but still have the €2 booking fee  The first Sunday of the month is always free.
You’ll still need a reservation, and it can only be made by phone (no website booking for free tickets).
Good luck scoring one of those.
A visit only lasts 15 minutes.
Only 30 people are allowed in at one time.
Like the Vatican, no bags or backpacks will be allowed in and you will need to show photo ID and a copy of your ticket voucher.
If you are purchasing tickets from the official website, the price is for entry and a 15 minute viewing; it does not include a guide or a guided tour.
You can however book a guided tour for certain time periods for an additional €3.50 per person.
Tours can be in English and are highly recommended.
HOW TO SCORE LAST SUPPER TICKETS IN MILAN  Book on your own on the official website (English version). You can purchase up to five tickets.
If you have more than five in your group, you’ll need to call the box office directly to arrange (see info below).

They do have English speaking reps

Call the box office directly to reserve +39 02 92800360 Book an organized tour through a larger tour company.
This won’t be private, you’ll join others, and you’ll pay a premium for tickets.

Book tickets through a reseller

A reseller or consolidator will sell tickets.
You can visit independently, not part of a group, but you will pay a premium for the tickets.
But, if it guarantees you a ticket, it might be worth it.
Since I’ve provided you the info on normal ticket prices, you can judge accordingly if you’re willing to pay the mark-up.

Select Italy is a reputable company to book with

Hire a tour guide for a private tour.
Local private licensed guides have access and are able to secure advance tickets.
But, they have minimum time commitments (generally 3-4 hours) and won’t do a private tour for just 15 minutes.
You can include a visit to the last supper as part of a full or half day tour.
Tickets would be reserved for you in advance and you’d also get to visit some other things in Milan that day.
This is the option I recommend most to my clients.
HOW TO SCORE LAST MINUTE TICKETS TO THE LAST SUPPER If you’re planning a last minute visit, arrive in Milan without tickets or if you haven’t been successful with any of other methods I’ve mentioned, don’t give up hope just yet.
There is one thing you can try.
Show up at the box office very early the morning of the day you want to visit (open Tues- Sun at 8:15am) and keep your fingers crossed for cancellations.
Not the ideal use of your time perhaps, but if you really want to visit last minute, this is your best shot.
It can be done and it has worked for others before.

TICKET OFFICE ADDRESS: Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie

2 Milano If you’re heading to Milan, Book your Milan Airport Transfer now Photo Credit : Pixabay  The post How to Score Tickets to the Last Supper in Milan appeared first on Melange Travel.


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