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Get Learner Driver Insurance for a little as 2 hours

Your driving test is one of the hardest tests you’ll have to do so why shouldn’t you do a mock test.
A mock driving test a few weeks before your real one will give you a good indication where your driving ability is and how likely you are to pass.
But they also give you the chance to understand how a driving test actually runs and feels like in those conditions – so hopefully you won’t feel so stressed and nervous on the day.
Why should I take a mock test.
On the day of your driving test you’re going to be nervous, its natural.
So, the best thing you can do is be as prepared as possible.
A mock driving test could help calm those nerves because if you can pass that you can pass on the actual day.
How do I get a mock driving test.
Talk to your driving instructor about it and they will know whether you’re ready for a mock test or not.
Going with your current driving instructor is easy and convenient.
However, finding a different instructor as fresh eyes is even better.
Your instructor may know an alternative instructor who has a similar car you can have a practice test in.
Once you know who you are going to take the mock test with, simply book in a lesson with them but explain it is for a mock test.
A fully qualified driving instructor is best to take you on the mock test.
If a family member takes you out for the mock test then they should download and print the DL25 driving test report sheet which is used by examiners in tests.
This will make the test more realistic.
During the mock test The mock test will cover everything that’s covered in the driving test, including the 20-minute independent driving section.
However, instead of only completing one of the three manoeuvres ask the driving instructor, or whoever has taken you, if you can complete all four manoeuvres and the emergency stop.
Then you’ll know you can complete whatever is thrown at on the day of your real test.
The test will take around one hour but it’s better to book for a two-hour test so that you can make sure you cover all your manoeuvres.

If you fail the mock driving test Don’t worry about it if you don’t pass

This is what the mock is about, learning your strengths and weaknesses before the big day.
Also, it is much cheaper to fail a mock test than the real one.
Just try to have a number of lessons between your mock test and your real test to ensure you can iron out any issues which came up during the mock.
Want your family member to take you out for practice.
Get Learner Driver Insurance for a little as 2 hours.

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