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Is 8-Bit Ultra Fortune Ball awesome

Awesome high quality unique mobile apps, inspired by the past, for the future.
8-Bit Ultra Fortune Ball.
8-Bit Ultra Fortune Ball.
Gathered and generated from the pixels of all the everyday questions and answers in the world.
Forged by might and intellectual actions.
Born in space.
Raised in another galaxy.
Now it’s in the palm of your human hand, and with it you hold great power, responsibility, & magic.
Life is dangerous.
Don’t go at it alone.
Take this app with you.
8-Bit Ultra Fortune Ball is an authentic magic pixelated crystal device that will make your life easier and reduce stress by helping you answer everyday questions.   Hundreds of responses in English and Spanish / Espanol  Features animations, and optional chip tune music & sound effects.
Open the app, choose a language, ask a question, then shake or touch the ball for an answer.
Is it a mind reader.
Is it a problem solver.
Is there a fortune teller inside the app.
Is there a fortune teller inside the magic pixel crystal ball.
Can I use this magic ball to play truth or dare.
Does it answer questions correctly most of the time or all of the time.
Well, simply download it to find out how this app can help answer your simple & complex questions in either English or Spanish/Espanol.
Should I eat tacos today.
Am I going to do well on this test.
Should I smile for this selfie.
If I count sheep will I dream about them.
Should I put on underwear.
Is my tea too hot.
Do I need to even.
Do I need to even odd.
Should I do a jumping jack.
Is that random stranger staring at me going to eat me.
Am I being followed.
Am I going to fall down these stairs.
Is 8-Bit Ultra Fortune Ball awesome.
Well, obviously   Using this app is easy & fun and the answers it gives you are right like 99.9% of the time.   For entertainment purposes only……?….!…….?….:)…….:T…….

(Released in March 2017 on the Google Play & Amazon app stores) (Development

design, & audio by Avrin Ross / 8-Bit Avrin Apps).
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