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My character in NexusTK was DarkMaverick

Author                                                                                                                                                       My Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds Nmail Box (2003-2009).

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Most people will not find this post to be interesting at all.
This is a dump of all the letters I received inside a MMORPG called Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds that I played extensively when I was younger.
I actually started playing Nexus in ’98 / ’99 but many of those early mails have been lost; the nmail box only saved so many.

After realizing the Nmail box only saved a certain amount of letters

I started to back-up my “nmail” box into a Word document, so that I would never forget the second life I lived in that virtual world.

I posted the most recent posts at the top of the Word document

There may also be some copies of Community Board posts I wrote; I sometimes backed up my posts by mailing them to myself.
I am making the back-up public now for a couple reasons.
I think, if you follow from the bottom of this article (the posts from 2003) to the top (2009), you can get a real sense of some events that took place that were important to me, personally, in my life.
Sure it was a game but it was a game that became my life for a long while.
It might interest any sociologists studying videogames.

It may be interesting to other Nexus players

Some of the letters are from influential players, and some are from players who were very beloved and are no longer with us.
My character in NexusTK was DarkMaverick.
I’m a somewhat famous (perhaps even infamous depending on your perspective) player who was involved in a lot of things in the game, .

Especially concerning the Chongun subpath

As an adult I ended up working on the game for a short time, helping design new content and playtesting.
None of the posts are dated; it’s impossible for me to have known the exact dates of these posts, .

As Nexus in-game mailing system didn’t store dates

It simply stored the newest posts at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
Therefore when reading this document you should go to the very last page, and then read up.

Download the PDF here (over 200 pages)

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