How to make the best choice: Science vs Commerce vs Arts

Science vs Commerce vs Arts which one to choose?
As a student, it becomes very complicated for you to choose between one of these three streams. You listen to the opinions of different family members, friends and of course “bagal wale Sharma Ji”.
Most of them will advise you to take science because ultimately they have only one or two end goals- “Bade college se Engineering” or “Medical college se Doctor”.
But what really matters is which field will help you achieve your larger goals in life. Before you make your final choice here are some aspects that you must consider.
Wipe The Fog Of Old Perception
This is what everyone thinks
It is a common perception that good students will always choose science stream. The other two streams are left for those who are not good in studies. This is a completely false statement.  Some of the world’s richest men like Jack Ma (Founder and Chairman, Alibaba Group) and Susan Wojcicki (CEO of Youtube) didn’t have an MBA degree or Science background. They had earned their degrees in Liberal Arts and achieved immense success. 
People think that there are no high paying jobs in commerce and arts. If you are also a victim of this mindset then you need to take a step back and rethink this common perception. Because in reality, it is a completely different story.
Focusing on one single stream in hope for a good future might be a mistake. Your success depends on your hard work and dedication towards your work of interest.
All three streams are different sides of the same equilateral triangle known as education. No stream is better than the other. It’s all about the interest to study a subject and constructing a well-crafted career that doesn’t have regret corners in it.
You as a student have to understand that your decision of choosing a stream should not be colored by popular stereotypes.
When To Opt For Science?
When you select science as your stream
If you are thinking of choosing science stream just because you scored more than 8 CGPA in 10th class then it might not be the right decision to make.
Maybe that is because you have just seen the egg of the Dragon till now. The real dragon will appear after that door of class 11th science opens. The only way you can use this Dragon to reach the heights of the sky is by giving it your full concentration. All I am trying to say is that this stream has a very vast space which can be heaven for some students but could be hell for others. It is a fascinating field and inventions like the Internet and electricity are proof of the potential outcomes in this field.
Science is the key that unlocks the door of creativity and innovation. But how to know that the door open for you or not? Ask yourself if:

You forget everything until you solve that equation of maths.
New innovative ideas keep popping in your mind.
Have practical skills like Rancho of the movie 3 idiots?
You feel very fascinated while experimenting in the chemistry lab!
You easily relate the laws of physics with your surrounding environment.
The terms in biology activate your bug of curiosity.

If some of the above-mentioned scenarios match with your interest then probably you are the perfect fit for becoming a science student. Since science stream branches out to engineering and medical science, you need to decide the right mix for you- Chemistry, Physics, Maths or Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.
When To Think For Commerce?
No one understands the pain!
Commerce’s popular stereotype is that it is a very easy stream, but it’s not. If your friends say that “Take commerce and enjoy life”. There can be two cases- either your friends are overconfident on their capabilities or they are living in an illusion.
This stream is very tricky in nature. Accounts and Economics surprise students with low grades in the first exam. It is more of a calculative field which gets more complex with time but at the same time, it is also full of interesting topics as well.
At one point when students finally begin to comprehend the mysterious script of the subjects, they appreciate experiencing the learning journey.  Here are a few parameters to check your qualification for commerce:

Always calculate every decisive situation of life on a profit loss basis?
You possess the art of managing and adjust things according to your pocket money.
Always interested in finding the fields to invest your pocket money in good work.
Feel attracted to the flow of money and the way businesses function?
You feel that you are more of an analytical person.

Do you relate with any of the above instances? If yes, then feel free to take that commerce form. Commerce includes subjects like Economics (“which is not as simple as the story of village Palampur”), Accounts, and Business Studies. Even if you are a topper of your class then also you can take commerce if you have a natural inclination towards it. Stop worrying about “Mr. Sharma ke bete ne to Science liya hai”.
One of my friends Gaurav who was extremely good in studies chose commerce as his stream in spite of facing opposition from family, and guess what? He is currently designated with the post of Senior Manager at Axis bank. He absolutely loves his work.
What If Arts Stream Is Perfect For You?
It is the most loved stream in the World
This is the most underrated stream which has good potential but is left unexplored due to bad image portray. Even though it has a range of interesting subjects and careers, the sad reality is that some schools don’t even have Arts stream as an option.
Arts is a very good field for students who are interested in Social Science, Sports, Music, and other creative fields. This field gives you an opportunity to live your life from a new perspective.  There are tons of successful people in the world who have studied from Arts background. So don’t think ‘Arts lene se koi fayda nahi hai’ because this is thinking of an 80’s person, not of a modern age student.
Here are some signs that might help you in choosing the Arts stream:

You see yourself as more creative than your peers
Love to express your views in the form of words
You are a keen observer of social and political matters
You feel fascinated by historic events and places
Managing things in an ideal manner comes naturally to you

If any of these situations lighted up a bulb in your mind then you should definitely go for Arts stream.
Big Brother’s Advice
Don’t hesitate from taking bold decisions because it is your life.  This life is 100% your responsibility. Take charge and shape it the way you like because only you know what works for you and what doesn’t.
Also, make sure that you don’t include the friendship factor while taking such an important decision. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to make new friends yet it will be difficult for you to change the stream once you selected one without legitimate estimations.
                            ” Don’t drown your real voice in the noise of others opinion.”
If I were in the same situation, I would take at least a week to analyze every stream and its respective subjects to make my final decision. So, hold your nerves and make your decision wisely.
Money Matters?
The importance  of money
Before opting a field, the one thing which plays a very important role is the cost factor.  You must have heard this popular quote:
                                        “You can be anything, you want to be in this life.”
Do you believe this?  You probably would be saying ‘Yes, I believe in this’. But you know what, it always requires money to pursue the degree of your dreams. No matter which stream or goal you choose, a price tag will always be there. The only difference will be that at some instances it will be high and at low at some.
The continuously incrementing loop of money only stops for a person when he is determined about his passion from his early days of childhood like Sanjay and Sarvan who became entrepreneurs only at the age of 12 and 14. These two brothers are the founders of a company named Go dimension.
So, If you have any passion that you want to follow then go for it blindly. Now let’s discuss the cost estimations of these three streams:
(Science vs Commerce vs Arts )Price Estimation
Choosing science will be quiet expensive call because it is the most costly stream in all three streams. Let’s consider the two most common fields. If you choose Engineering as your career path, it will cost you around 5- 8 lakhs to graduate as an Engineer ( i.e. if you don’t fail in any subject).
Story of every semester exams results
In the case of the medical field, you must keep your bank account ready with at least 50 lakhs unless you make it to a top government college.
Commerce is a cost-effective stream not because it has less potential but due to the nature of studies that comes in the radius of this field. After twelfth most students like to go for B.COM, BBA or any administration related field. Since the field has medium length branches with a , the general cost stays down to 3-5 lakhs for ordinary graduation.
Arts stream also doesn’t cost much if you follow the traditional way of graduation. Students with the ambition of joining civil services, law, film production or any other such field don’t find it much costly. Its price estimation remains around  2-4 lakhs.
Career Options Available
The big leap of faith
There are great career opportunities in every stream. It all depends on the interest of the individual who wishes to reach that extreme level. Till now the most common two things that you might have heard would be B.Tech and MBA because these are the most common courses that almost every relatives’ child takes.
But, there are a lot more opportunities available than just these two. Here is a table with a list of courses you can choose:


     Engineer(Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical), Architecture, Merchant Navy, Commercial Pilot, Doctor, National Defense Services, Bio-Tech, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy
 C.A., C.S., Accountant, Business Manager, StockBrokering,  Entrepreneurship,  Hotel Management, Reseach Analyst, Bank PO, Clerk
Law, Journalism and Mass Communication, Animation and Multimedia, Graphic Designer, Film Producer/ Director, Writer, Fashion Designer, Aviation

Point Where It All Meets
Yes, there are many job opportunities which don’t ask your stream.  Here is a list of some reputed designations where you can reach without hustling with the confusion of science vs commerce vs arts:

Information Technology
Civil Services
Human Resource Management
Digital Marketing
Game Design
Defense Services
Education Sector

Each of these fields has furthermore versatile options within them and the best part is that you can join these fields without the hindrance of subjects that you chose earlier.
Reality Check
What happens if I make the wrong decision?
Do you think that in real life, it matters that which stream you chose between science vs commerce vs arts? The answer must be a strong no. The choice you make today will not be completely responsible for the destination that you will reach.
Does it all sound very strange and counter-intuitive? Here are some quick examples to make you understand this in a more clear way.  
You must have heard about Chetan Bhagat. He was a brilliant student who cracked both IIT and IIM. He successfully got a comfortable job in a big bank in Hong Kong, but he realized that writing was his passion and strived for the same. Today he is one of India’s most famous writer.
The star of the ‘URI’ movie? You guessed it right- Vicky Kaushal. He studied engineering but he ended up becoming an actor. Same is the story of M.S. Dhoni fame Sushant Singh Rajput. 
You will find a lot of examples where people have changed their destiny. The only thing which drives you to your destiny is your interest to become something in life. As it is said,
                                             “You become the person who you think you are”
The Critical Conclusion
Picking between Science vs Commerce vs Arts can be befuddling however as I referenced before,  you should settle on your choice in the wake of experiencing every perspective in detail. Indeed, even after you settle on your decision and continue with a specific stream, never stop exploring each and everything that you like. Since no one can tell how life mystically turns things around.
As Thanos said:
                                            “Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives”
What do you think about this article? Share your valuable thoughts in the comments section and if you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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