How to Study Effectively- 9 Secrets No One Tells

What comes to your mind when you think about how to study? No interruptions, focus, concentration and all that bookish stuff that everyone tells you to follow? Here are some of the proven secret methods common across every year’s CBSE toppers.
Before you begin to unlock the secret box, here are some quick stats that you must know-
75.5% of teenagers have the fear of not scoring well in exams! 33% of them feel afraid of even giving a test!
If you too have felt like a member of this category at some point of time, there is nothing to worry about. Just read this article and that feeling will never come back to haunt you again.
Undust Your Sports Shoes
Give your body some exercise
Including a small workout session in your schedule is the best way to gain focus and concentration. You are not expected to start eating bags of protein and get bulked up, instead just start doing some basic workouts. It could be anything like jogging, few pushups, football, martial arts or any other physical activity.
When your body releases sweat, it also releases good chemicals like endomorphin. It triggers the flow of positivity in the body. It also helps the brain to function at a faster pace. You must have observed some of your friends who are athletes, possess a very strong grasping ability.
You must try this good habit now. It is guaranteed you will feel much more active and productive as you become used to your workout schedule.
Plan Smartly
Plan your every day
Everyone has an opinion on whether you should study with your friends or in isolation. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. There is no study which has conclusively declared a winner. Sometimes it is better to study alone and at other times with friends. It totally depends on your need to understand a particular subject.
But while choosing your study group do ensure that you choose the right members. Because when you try to study with your “cool bros” most of the time is wasted just in making fun of others.
So, act smartly and find out what works best for you.                                     
Keep Things Simple
Thinking about how to study in the best possible nammer doesn’t mean that you need to take stress while dealing with different subjects.
The secret approach most successful people follow is that they divide big tasks into small actionable sets, and then execute the plan.  I myself can vouch for the effectiveness of this trick. During my school days, me and my best friend competed with each other academically. We competed with each other to see who would finish the difficult assignments first. The prize for the winner was a chocolate ice-cream from the friend who lost. And guess what, I won every single time. The big secret was that I had learned this technique from my father and trust me, it works like magic.
Trying this small approach is not a bad idea, especially if you can get an ice-cream every time you win!  You should definitely discuss it with your friend today. 
What Made Einstein Special?
Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own
The one factor that differentiates a genius from the masses is the Curiosity factor. Einstein was a clerk working in a small office in Germany in the early 20th century. He too could have lived and died an ordinary life. But the one thing that made him the greatest genius of the century was not his family background, comfortable job, good schooling, but his curiosity towards life. He was fascinated with something as simple and commonplace as sunlight! Yet, it was because of his curious nature that he began questioning the prevalent theories about light, matter, energy and came up with theories which redefined how we look at the universe.
Here is another story of my friend Varun who had never coded in his life but he was very curious about mobile apps. One day he was digging  the internet about the skills required to develop an app. He saw the list of languages and he decided to learn all of them just to develop and launch his app on the play store. It took him 3 months, but guess what, today his app has over 5 million downloads!
Curious people always stand out in any crowd because they keep learning new things continuously. So, never suppress your urge to explore different things, unless of course, your exams are just 2 days away!
The Magic Of Melody
Music is life, that is why our heart have beats
Unable to concentrate due to the irritating sounds outside your room? Then don’t hesitate in putting those headphones on. Music not only helps you in relaxing but also in maintaining the focus on studies. Putting on headphones doesn’t mean that you play romantic songs and set yourself free into your imaginary world. Playing such songs will only waste your time and nothing else.
There are some specific genres of music which might help you. You can try downloading some study music which is basically a combination of soft tunes and drum beats to help you stay focused without distraction. According to some studies listening to music while studying can improve your performance. There are always several live streams of study music going on for students. Just tune into one of those songs and start your studies without interruption.
Sometimes it is better to disconnect from the outside world completely for understanding tough topics. But keep one thing in mind- don’t wear your headphones for too long or play the music too loudly as it can hurt your ears.
The Myth Of Just 5 More Minutes
“Social Media is like crack- immediately gratifying and hugely addictive”
During the past couple of years, there is a very popular myth among the students that memes on social media help in refreshing the mind. There was a time when I also believed that it is good to scroll my social media feed for some fun and then get back to studies. But only later I realized how much time I actually ended up wasting on this.
I observed that every time I picked my phone with the aim of passing the next ten minutes as refreshment, I actually ended up spending two hours scrolling endlessly. I am sure that it must have happened to you as well. It’s not really a problem of lack of discipline per se, but the addictive nature of memes and social media. In the guise of refreshment, we get addicted to social media without ever being aware of how addictive it really is.
Try replacing social-media as your chosen refreshment mode with a short distance walk or spending some time with your family. I can guarantee, you will get meaningful refreshment, and feel much higher concentration level when you study next.
Study Out Of Syllabus
We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too
No, it is not about going through the chapters which are not in the syllabus of your exam. I am talking about books that don’t have questions & answers at the back of every chapter. You got it right- “Novels” that are available in different genres.
Pick any one that interests you and read it every day for 20-30 minutes. Your vocabulary will improve along with your ability to understand the world from other perspectives as well. This will pace up your marks in English as well as in other subjects with the improved ability to write answers.
Next time when you are checking the ingredients of how to study, consider having some extra books in the basket as well.
Getting The Extra Edge
What separates every winner from the rest is an uncommon quality in him, which most people miss out. In most cases, it is the quality of dedication and persistence because only some people have that hunger to make it to the top.
“A perfect yorker can only be delivered when the same delivery has been practiced a thousand times in the nets.”
In the same way, the teachers at Dronstudy have created several well-framed video courses, book solutions, and revision notes refined by 1000s of teaching sessions. By using these top class resources you can become the student who comes up with the best and fastest answers in the classroom. That perfection comes from solving sample papers online and getting real-time guidance from experienced teachers on DronStudy.
The Universal Advice
Your schedule and your spending describe what you really love in life
The last piece of this puzzle of scoring good marks is putting a proper schedule in place for perfect execution. All the above-discussed things need to be implemented in the desired manner for the best output.  Discipline is the key and you need to understand that the things that your father, uncles and other relatives regularly tell you are not really incorrect. 
Our fathers and their generation know from experience that for best results toppers hustle in the morning hours and it worked for them. Maybe it can work for you as well. Just try scheduling your day from 5 am in the morning and observe whether it works for you or not. Take the example of Akshay Kumar “The Superstar” even at this age, he wakes up at 5 am in the morning.
                                     “Discipline is the bridge that connects hard work and success”
You must have read the above quote on your social media feed but it is the time to implement it. Because all of these quotes are framed after observing some successful people. So, you should attempt these valuable bits of advice.  
In Conclusion
Now it is the time for the big conclusion of this whole topic. I think that by now you know the perfect recipe of the dish called how to study. All the above-mentioned tips focus only on the one thing i.e. anyone can become a topper. You already have the plan now, the only thing left is execution. So, what are you waiting for? Try modifying your approach and experience how easy it is to top your exams.
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