Azure Migration Discovery Workshops

Azure Migration Discovery Workshops.
Azure Migration Discovery Workshops.
Looking to use public cloud services.
Looking to benefit from the agility, flexibility and cost saving opportunities that cloud promises.
Start your Azure journey and get a fixed price quote per application from CoreAzure with our free 1-day Azure migration on-site discovery workshop.
How it works.
It’s simple, CoreAzure provide a pro-bono 1-day on-site discovery workshop led by a member of our cloud expert team including, .

Chief Technology Officer or Azure Practice Lead

Our workshop is designed to work alongside your in-house team to uncover; The size and scope of your current application and associated infrastructure estate.
The cost, plan and timescales of migrating the in-scope applications and associated infrastructure into Azure (including whiteboarding).
The estimated on-going run costs of applications and associated infrastructure on the Azure platform.
What do you get.
Following the workshop, the CoreAzure discovery team provide you with a proposal encompassing your unique pathway to Azure, including;  Cost of migration (per application).
Breakdown of migration task list.
Timescales and project plan for migration.

Estimated on-going running costs in Azure (including optimisation opportunities)

Options for applications that should not be migration to the cloud.
Get started.
To start the conversation around your cloud journey, please contact CoreAzure and make an enquiry about our discovery workshops.  Share.