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Global marketing .
Success in new markets requires an appreciation of the subtle nuances of language Request a free consultation Overview.
Global marketing services.
Overseas marketing can be a tightrope walk.
The wrong tone of voice, a badly-pitched joke….
A successful campaign in one market could spell failure in another.
Words matter.
Local customs matter.
Straightforward text translations won’t cut it.
At thebigword, we understand specific markets and the subtleties of regional languages and conventions .
It’s what we do best: helping clients trade and communicate with customers across the globe.
With over 30 years’ experience, .

We know what works… Global marketing workflow

Brief & Cultural Consulting .
Planning, Brand Discussion Glossaries & Style Guide s.
Content Transcreation .
Imagery Review, Research & Adaptation.
Multimedia Services (Dtp, Voiceover, Subtitles).
In-Context Review.
What can we do for you?.
Let us propel your business forward MARKETING SERVICES.
Email optimisation.
Make every message count.
Whether you’re wowing a global buyer, or wooing an ongoing prospect, effective communication is key.
We can simplify the translation process and ensure every email has a dynamic edge.
Multilingual content.
Localised content that pays its way.
Targeted, clear and expertly crafted messages will work hard for your business.
Let us streamline your international content to mirror local cultures and engage key audiences.

Improved business performance comes from: Identifying poorly-performing content

Localising content for SEO.
Ensuring the cost-effectiveness of content strategies.
Enriching the online user experience in target markets.
Effective performance measurement in key markets.
Transcreation is an approach designed to customise a message for different cultures and languages.

Transcreation is something delicate…so much more than a word-for-word translation

It’s about breaching the boundaries of culture and language without losing your original message in the process.
We take on board what you want to say (and how you want to say it) and help you evoke the right emotions in your target audience(s) worldwide.
Our expertise and experience will safely navigate your business around all-important regional customs and language variations.
Copywriting and proofreading.
Find your distinctive global voice.
We work with experienced and qualified linguists who have the creative skills to write and translate content unique to your brand, establishing your global brand voice and ensuring your brand story is consistent across all continents.

Multilingual Search Engine Marketing

Maximise your performance across market-leading search engines SEO SERVICES.
Even search engine robots have their limits.
Your web content may be sparkling, .

But it’s worthless without SEO optimisation to direct the traffic

Leading search engines are proven to boost business prominence and engender trust.

Talk to us about: Shop feed optimisation

Adwords and PPC.
Paid social media.
Feed optimisation.
Product feed optimization is key to any successful campaign.
Your product titles are crucial in persuading search engines of your relevance to a user’s search query.
Adwords and PPC.
We can help plan, create and manage paid campaigns for international markets.
We specialise in maximising the effectiveness of market leading platforms, such as Google, VK, Naver and Baidu, and crafting campaigns that deliver.
The first step is to assess your business needs.
We can then review the landscape and deliver solutions encompassing the ideal mix of paid search, paid social and performance display.
Our biggest differentiator is a network of in-country experts: more than 450 digital specialists, centrally managed but locally focused.
Paid social.
Social media—especially biddable or paid social—is a fundamental part of the global digital marketing landscape.
With the continuing decline in organic reach across paid social media, our strategic expertise can help boost your online presence on localised platforms worldwide with: International social media audits.
Localised social media strategies.
Identification of key networks for your business.
Campaign set-up & optimisation for each social network.
Post campaign reporting.
Multimedia services.
Global consumers expect multimedia content — especially video — and there’s a direct correlation with sales.
thebigword provides a full range of multimedia localisation services.
Our end-to-end service portfolio includes: evaluation/estimation, translation, typesetting, subtitling, voiceover and dubbing, .

As well as rebuild and linguistic/functional QA

All projects are professionally managed by our specialist multimedia team, working with assessed and approved technical experts worldwide.

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WordSynk TMS Cloud.
Our secure, web-based solution aligns people, procedures, assets and management data across the entire translation process.
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