Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Chung Ling was built in 1917 and is currently in a residential area in Air Itam, Penang. It is an all boys’ school with about 2,400 students and is one of the top schools on the island.
The school started using Frog since 2012 and with great support from Headmaster Mr Soo Seng Poh, the school has been doing well ever since. Mr Soo along with Frog Admin Encik Firdaus have been initiating strategies in driving Frog as a culture in the school and have successfully implemented Frog not only in teaching and learning but in the school’s administration as well. Not only have they been strongly involving teachers and students in their efforts to cultivate Frog in school, but they have also included parents to be part of their Frog Community.
Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning
A tool for teachers to teach better
All teachers are required to create Sites of their own, which is an initiative implemented by Headmaster Mr Soo to encourage teachers to use Frog in teaching and learning. Teachers are using Frog as a platform to provide quizzes and homework to students. The excitement from students have encouraged teachers to progress further in using Frog.
Frog is making a difference in Administration
Increase Efficiency
The school has utilised the Frog VLE as a one-stop centre that allows the school community to be updated on school activities and events. A collection of past year exam papers are uploaded and made accessible to teachers and students, even parents, for extra revision material.

“Frog is as an informative centre as it has emails, blogs and other good teaching and learning tools. We are in the process of making Frog a successful part of our school culture.”
– Mr Soo Seng Poh, Headmaster