Sekolah Kebangsaan Tan Sri Awang Had Salleh is an under-enrolled school in Penang, with less than 200 students and 25 teachers. Even as a small community school, SK Tan Sri Awang Had Salleh is a 3-time state champion in handball and has made big progress with Frog since its introduction to the platform in 2014. The school not only has a fully utilised Frog Classroom, but is also a Hubs school and an example to other schools in the state.
Through collective effort within the community, the school has successfully implemented Frog in teaching and learning as well as administration. The school’s Senior Leadership Team and Parent Teacher Association strongly supports the use of Frog in the school, and give special acknowledgement to teachers who are consistent in using Frog.
Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning
Student Engagement
With Frog, teachers are able to engage students better during class. Teachers are able to make lessons more interesting and interactive by embedding videos in Sites, especially in Maths and Science. Attendance has since been more consistent and students are more motivated to learn.
Student Progress
Students have started to take more initiative to learn independently by exploring the different content available and revising with quiz questions shared by teachers from other schools as well.

“I believe teachers are the backbone of education. By implementing Frog in teaching and learning, teachers are catalysing for change in the education landscape. Frog has definitely proven to be a great tool that has evolved the methods of teaching, giving students a whole new experience in learning.”
– Mohd Fazreen bin Yusoff, Science teacher.