Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Ria is a rural school located in Tuaran, Sabah. The school has overall 21 classes with over 700 students and 48 teachers. The school also caters to over 30 special needs students with 9 teachers specialised to handle the class. The school was previously sharing a building with its primary session until 2013 where the secondary session moved to a new building.
The school was introduced to Frog in September 2013 when their Senior Assistant Teacher gave a talk to the whole school community about Frog. Since then the school has been actively using Frog with Frog Admin Puan Kamisah driving the success of Frog in the school. Puan Kamisah had gone the extra mile to research on students who have internet access at home and found only 30% of them have that privilege. This brought her on a mission to put 40 sets of Chromebooks to good use for all students.
The Chromebook lab is opened from 6.40am to 1.50pm where teachers and students took turns to utilise the devices for teaching and learning. During the FrogPlay Championships, Puan Kamisah created a schedule for subjects such as Maths, English and Science so that teachers will conduct lessons with Frog in the lab. Besides that, Puan Kamisah also opens the lab to students during recess so that students can utilise their free time by logging into FrogPlay.
Frog is making a difference in Teaching & Learning
Student Progress
Since the school started using Frog, students have shown more interest in doing revision and independent learning. The Frog Championships have helped students improve in their subjects and students are showing more initiative in doing their revision in when they are not in school, as their names still appear on the leaderboard even when they are absent from school. This has proven that learning can take place anytime, anywhere on any device.
A tool for teachers to teach better
Puan Kamisah has utilised Frog as platform for e-folio in project-based learning. She encourages her students to create Sites to present on topics that they have researched on. Since then she has seen improvement in students ICT skills through masterful integration of animation and videos in their presentations.
Frog is making a difference in Administration
Decrease Workload
The school has been using eRPH through Frog VLE since 2015, where all teachers submit and share their lesson plans with one another online. This has helped the school save a lot of printing cost and teachers find it more convenient to have their work done online instead of paper.
Frog is making a difference in Community Engagement
Parents are more connected with what is happening in school
Annually, the school organizes orientation for Form 1 and Form 4 students and their parents where the Principal gives a talk and introduces Frog. Puan Kamisah has also frequently approached parents via parent community group chats to allow students to use devices such as handphone or tablets at home to do their revision on Frog. Some parents have started to become very supportive of Frog as they see the positive impact on their children’s academic performance.
Teachers come together as a community to inspire and support one another and students in 21st Century teaching & learning
Since the introduction of Frog in the school, Puan Kamisah has often given talks to teachers about Frog and ran workshops on how to create Sites. She also plans and schedules for teachers to attend talks and workshops that will help them improve their knowledge in Frog and ICT. Teachers have become more open to Frog and started using Frog in teaching and learning.
“Frog VLE has helped me improve my knowledge in ICT. Where I was once a zero in the digital world, I am now a hero in helping my fellow peers and students! Once teachers, students and even parents are more aware of Frog, they will realise how Frog benefits the school and the community as a whole. And this is what I want to bring about awareness – Frog is a free platform that gives access to learning anytime, anywhere on any device.”
– Puan Kamisah, Frog Admin.